dimensions: 7x5x0,7m
clearance: 2,7m (stage to truss)

flat load-in, nightliner parking with 16/32A power


NAW Red Baron line array system (2018):

LR – 4 x NAW RB281 per side

Subs – 4 x NAW MBR218

CenterFill – NAW VSC12

Dedicated NAW amps and NAW 4×8 processor

Available patching config (processor’s presets):



PA is capable of producing 120dBA peak, 108dBA slow average before limiting and it meets venue’s limit of 5 minutes LEq of 100dBA


8 ways monitor system  + 1 CUE

Available monitors with dedicated NAW amps:

8 x NAW TM15F

1 x 18sound DrumFill

House consoles:

– Yamaha QL5 + 32/16 TIO stagebox

– Soundcraft SiExpression3 + 32/8 stagebox

Please note, that our standard way is one house sound engineer during a show. If a separate monitor console with second sound engineer are needed, it has to be agreed  in advance.



Beta52 x 2

Beta91 x 1

SM57 x 5

e604 x 4

EV PL35 x 4

EV PL37 x 4

AT Pro35 x 1

AT Mb2k x 3

AT Mb3k x 2

SM58 x 6


8 x tall boom tripod

6 x medium boom tripod

2 x kick drum stands

2 x round based straight


6 x Palmer PAN02 Active DI

1 x Palmer PAN04 Stereo Passive DI

1 x ART dPDB Stereo Passive DI

1 x ART PDB Passive DI



Patch list HERE

Moving Heads:

  • 4x LightGO! Helios
  • 1x ADJ Event BAR Q4 (4-head Pinspot system)

LED Bars:

  • 3x Showtec LED light bar RGB (3-segments RGB LED)
  • 2x ADJ Ultra BAR 6 (3-segments RGB LED)

LED Pars:

  • 4x Showtec Compact par 7 tri
  • 4x ADJ Mega TriPar Profile 
  • 2x ADJ Mega TriPar Profile Plus
  • 10x StairVille Led flood TRi panel 7×3 RGB

PAR Cans:

  • 8x Par56 / 300W Bulbs
  • 2x Eurolite EDX-4 DMX (4Ch Dimmerpack)

Fog machine:

  • 1x Look Solutions UNIQUE 2.1


For the purposes of the club we use MA DOT2 on PC based DMX control system with DMX-USB interface.

Many other lighting and sound devices can be rented to meet your rider requirements.

Please note, that last minute rental requirements will be hard, or impossible to fulfil.  All the additional equipment must be reserved at least two weeks before the show.


All additional rental costs are to be borne by the Promoter